Predictive Dialing’s Benefits

The benefits call centers can enjoy from implementing a predictive dialer are the following:

• increased productivity

Depending on the nature of the campaign, productivity can be increased by 150% to over 400% (Business Phone Tools: What are Predictive Dialers?).

• saving considerable agents’ time

The system predicts when agents will finish the current call. While agents are still talking to customers the system dials out another phone line. The phone call is transmitted to an agent immediately after a customer response.

Usually it takes 30 seconds to manually dial a phone number and let it ring four times. A predictive dialer detects disconnected phone numbers, or fax machines and transmits only live calls, saving a lot of agents’ time. In the same time it takes to manually dial and reach one person, with the predictive dialer system agents can talk to at least two people.

• saving management time

Predictive Dialers maintain do not call lists, organize data like sales, leads, call-backs etc. This helps agents in deciding which times of day work best to call, finding the best lead etc.

• leads control

Predictive dialers memorize the time the call has been placed, outcome of the call, and will not call the customer again until asked to. The agent can select the time for the call back to be made, when the costumer asks for it. At the set time, the system will display the customer's information and other notes taken during the conversation.

If the customer asks not to be called again, the system will add it to the do-not-call list so that it can't be called again.

• real-time feedback

Predictive Dialers can help the manager to monitor and maintain maximal performance and productivity.

The real-time displays inform about inbound queues, dialer statistics, current status and statistics, and list performance. It helps to identify agents who have exceeded preset goals, monitor and train new agents.

• boosting the agent morale

Predictive dialing boosts the agent morale by removing manual dialing and frustration on not achieving the target calls and figures.


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