Advantages of off-shore telemarketing

Cost savings is one of the greatest advantages off-shore telemarketing can offer. Companies can enjoy significant savings from

  • Labor; the wages are much lower in the off-shoring destinations;
  • Labor management; off-shoring solves the problem of having to pay and maintain office space for employees that are not working on any project; it is an important factor since the number of employees required during a project is fluctuant;
  • Capital; in the off-shoring destinations infrastructure costs are lower.
  • Savings from off-shoring allow companies to invest in new service lines, which become new revenue streams.

Another important advantage is the large pool of talented and motivated young professionals available in the off-shoring destination. This translates into better quality of service and increased production.

Disadvantages of off-shore telemarketing

There is an opinion that off-shoring causes serious damages to the quality of customer service. These are caused by cultural barriers, communication gaps, and lack of understanding. Although the employees hired by off-shore call centers may have good language skills, many of them will not speak with a local accent. This can create difficulties for companies trying to uphold a professional image.

The drastic differences in time zones are another disadvantage of off-shore telemarketing.


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